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Fonseca-Delicias.jpg Delicias Petit Corona/Mareva 25
Fonseca-Cadetes-(kdt).jpg Cadetes (kdt) Tres Petit Corona/Perla 25
Fonseca-Cosacos.jpg Cosacos Corona 25
Fonseca-Cosacos-Pack-Of-5.gif Cosacos Pack Of 5 Corona 5
Fonseca-No.-1.gif No. 1 Cazadores 25
The image of Francisco Fonseca, who developed this brand in 1906, still adorns the box today. Only in limited distribution, the Fonseca brand is considered to exhibit a rich but mild flavour. The Spaniard Don Francisco Fonseca first registered the Fonseca trademark in 1907. Early in the 20th century, the Fonseca Cuban cigar was manufactured in several different Havana cigar factories. Fonseca Cuban cigars are now produced in Quivican, a small town in the province of Havana.

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