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Gloria Cubana
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Gloria-Cubana-Inmensos-898-Box-Of-10.gif Inmensos 898 box of 10 Sublimes 10
Gloria-Cubana-Medaille-Dor-No.-1.gif Medaille Dor No. 1 Delicados 25
Gloria-Cubana-Medaille-Dor-No.-2-Cab.-898.gif Medaille Dor No. 2 Cab. 898 Dalia 25
Gloria-Cubana-Medaille-Dor-No.-3.gif Medaille Dor No. 3 Panetela 25
Gloria-Cubana-Medaille-Dor-No.-4.jpg Medaille Dor No. 4 Panetela 25
Gloria-Cubana-Mini-Cigarillos-Pack-Of-20.gif Mini Cigarillos Pack Of 20 Cigarillo 20
Gloria-Cubana-Tainos.jpg Tainos Churchill/Julieta 10
A very old brand that dates from 1885, "the Glory of Cuba" presents a wide variety of sizes in a small, but beautifully made range.

The strength is medium; note that this is one of the few brands which is only handmade. Developed by Jose Rocha and Rafael Garcia, the brand got off to a good start thanks to tireless promotion by Pepin Fernandez, owner of the Romeo y Julieta brand, who helped his friends introduce the La Gloria Cubana and El Crepusculo brands overseas.

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