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Every cigar brand usually has several varieties - sometimes over a dozen. Every variety has its own length and stoutness, and sometimes even a unique shape. Cubans use a special term to characterize the combination of these features - vitola. There is one universal classification: Petit Corona, Corona, Corona Gorda, Lonsdale, Robusto, Churchill, Double Corona, Perfecto, Belicoso, Pyramid… However, sometimes manufacturers give special names to their cigars’ varieties. The names of the planets, gems, towns and squares, celebrity names, musical terms, epithets etc. are used for this purpose. For example: Royal Salute, Prime Minister, Jaguar, Aristocrat, Sultans, Rembrandt, Allegro, New York Plaza… Some varieties are marked with numbers only.

Cigar metrology is full with confusions. Some manufacturers never signed conventions considering the size which a cigar under a certain name should have. Sometimes cigars of the same shape come as Churchill from one manufacturer while the other one considers it to be Corona Gorda. The same usually happens in literature - what one author treats as a novel, is a story in the eyes of another.

You may be surprised to find huge cigars in a box with “Corona” sign on it. However, this misunderstanding is easy to explain – this brand of cigars has a name La Corona. They may have various shapes, including Corona itself

Vitola is the length, stoutness and sometimes the shape of a cigar. In XIX the most famous cigars were those of Figurados vitola. You could hardly even find other cigars. In the second half of the XX Figurados became less popular, but now they win their popularity back again. Figurados need special skills from the rollers, so this job is the prerogative of only the best maestros of the art of cigar rolling.

If you visit the Canaries, you can find cigars as large as baseball club. There are no historical remembrances of someone smoking these monsters. They usually come as souvenirs, though it is possible to smoke them.

If you visit a Cuban tobacco shop, you may pay the rollers (who usually work as the official staff) so that they would roll any cigar you want. Any size. Any shape. Any vitola.

The length of the cigar defines the prolongation of your pleasure. And its stoutness may tell a lot about the quality.

Many people claim that huge cigars carry stronger and harsh taste. However, slim cigars may be much hotter and spicy than long and stout ones, as smoke comes through a smaller diameter. Another reason is that stronger tobacco leaves are usually used for slim cigars. Their taste concentrates on the tip of your tongue, so that it may seem to be somewhat acrid. Stout and long cigars guarantee slow and cool smoking.

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